AI Dermatology: Empower Your Platform with the Leading Dermatology Analytics API

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Enhance Dermatology Services with Autoderm® API Suite

The Autoderm® API enables you to screen for different types of skin diseases instantaneously. Integrate our API into your: blog, website, app as a dermatology analytics engine. The healthcare provider can use it as a decision support tool and triage. The layman can use it as a search tool on skin concerns to find more accurate information.

On your website, your app or your backend

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Benefits of Autoderm® API: Innovative AI Dermatology Solutions

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Quarterly API updates
Increased website user engagement (average 2min 30sec)
No maintenance, setup time or risk
Higher conversion rates for web and mobile visitors
Doctors spend 70% less time on video calls, from the average 12 minutes to 4 minutes

Client Feedback: Success Stories using the Autoderm® API

We are working with hospitals, insurers, doctors, developers - hear it from them

Certification and Compliance: Autoderm® Meets EU Market Regulations

EU Certificate MHRA Registration

Empower Your Platform with Autoderm®

Design your own UX/UI

We are now on our 5th AI version to date, and with our growing proprietary database of images (2,800,000+ to date), we keep getting faster and more accurate. The Autoderm® API is well documented and simple to use. Our customers tell us that it takes only 3 hours to install a functioning AI interface. Sign up now for our latest API and start providing your users with free dermatology search answers, and help monetize your traffic.

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Diverse Clientele: Who's Using Autoderm®

Skin Products

Skin product websites and blogs

Wellness Apps

Wellness & triage apps

Laboratory Service Providers

Laboratory Service Providers

Health Chatbots

Health Chatbots

Health Information Websites

Health Information websites

Online Pharmacies

Online Pharmacies


Telemedicine platforms

Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers

20+ customers

Some API Integration Examples

Choose your own interface for your API and your end users can upload an image of a skin ailment to get an instant answer on what type of skin disease it could be. A/B test as much as you want, you are in control.

Automated skin disease search engine integrated into your instagram account
Check it out here

Automated Skin Disease Search Engine

Telegram messenger API integration as an Autoderm skin scanner bot
Check it out here

Telegram Messenger API Integration

Skin Image Scan

Autoderm™ searches our image database for matches and returns the name of the skin conditions.


Skin Scanner Free Upload Instructions

Important: Autoderm is free to operate in Europe including the UK. It has been awarded a breakthrough designation by the FDA in the USA. During the time to be cleared as a medical device, it is not being marketed to the USA and it should only be used as demonstration to see how it works with “test images”, it should not be used on citizens residing in the USA at this stage.

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